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Individual Counselling

...is indicated for those who are struggling with anxiety and depression or the negative fall-out of mood disorders. At Compass Counselling we provide English speaking counselling in Frankfurt, working within an evidence-based framework. The traditional talk therapy is rooted in the client centered, Solution Focused approach. Through the application of Cognitive Behavioural strategies we work to identify faulty core beliefs to break negative thought patterns and move towards a positive self relationship.  

Other tools we work with stem from the latest research in brain science and the study of neuroplasticity. Through combining body awareness and imagery I teach clients self-directed tools that can change the neuroplasticity of the brain and help them cultivate positive emotions. Additionally I draw on my training in Hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help clients achieve lasting changes and a sense of (re) empowerment. 

"The brain is shaped by experience. And because we have a choice about what experiences we want to use to shape our brain, we have a responsibility to choose the experiences  that will shape the brain towards the wise and wholesome." - Richard J. Davidson, PhD


At Compass Counselling

we see therapy as a pragmatic tool through which clients learn self efficacy for successfully coping with and managing life's obstacles. 

English speaking counselling in Frankfurt

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens in sessions?


We talk. Therapy in my opinion is a dynamic process. In that sense I am actively listening and reflecting back to you what I hear, and what I hear between the lines, in order to help you understand a little more about yourself. Many clients seek therapy not because they are broken, but because their interpretation of life might benefit from a new perspective. We become used to our thoughts, and every time that we think a thought, we build a stronger neural network.  This network becomes the path of least resistance and the "easy choice" for thinking. So we repeat the same thought patterns over and over, each time carving them more into the brain, almost like auto-pilot. That's why it is so difficult to break the thought patterns of depression and anxiety on your own.  I help you challenge the auto-pilot thoughts and help you establish a new perspective.

How do you work?


My theoretical approach is rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy, an empirically validated form of therapy that teaches clients to restructure negative thought patterns frequently experienced by people suffering from anxiety and depression. I also pull from other modalities, including imagery work. This is one of my favorite techniques, as we work in the emotional part of the brain, where early learning takes place and from where early memories continue to shape the way we view the world around us. In fact, studies in neuroscience show that imagery work can have a profound  impact on psychological wellbeing. 

Another modality that I use in our sessions is psycho-education to help you understand in simple terms the very complex brain. Having a sense of what happens on the neurobiological front in the brain when we feel anxious or stressed can help  create a different relationship to our symptoms and help find adaptive coping strategies. 

Do you take public health insurance?


In Germany I am registered as a Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie. This allows me to work with most private health insurance providers, but not public ones. If you are privately insured, please consult your insurance provider to find out their requirements for coverage. 

How can I make payments?


Clients can pay for the session in cash at the end of the appointment or upon receiving an invoice at the end of the calendar month do a bank transfer. Either way, you are issued a document outlining your payments.  

Any other questions?

I am happy to arrange a free phone consultation with you to answer any additional questions and to see if working together would be a good fit for you. You can send me an email to info@compasscounselling.net or use the contact request form below. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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