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Individual Counselling

...is indicated for those who are struggling with anxiety and depression or the negative fall-out of mood disorders. At Compass Counselling Therapy Coaching and Consulting for the English-speaking Community, we work within an evidence-based framework. The traditional talk therapy is rooted in the client centered, Solution Focused approach. Through the application of Cognitive Behavioural strategies we work to identify faulty core beliefs to break negative thought patterns and move towards a positive self relationship.  

Other tools we work with stem from the latest research in brain science and the study of neuroplasticity. Through combining body awareness and imagery I teach clients self-directed tools that can change the neuroplasticity of the brain and help them cultivate positive emotions. Additionally I draw on my training in Hypnotherapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help clients achieve lasting changes and a sense of (re) empowerment. 

"The brain is shaped by experience. And because we have a choice about what experiences we want to use to shape our brain, we have a responsibility to choose the experiences  that will shape the brain towards the wise and wholesome." - Richard J. Davidson, PhD

At Compass Counselling

we see therapy as a pragmatic tool through which clients learn self efficacy for successfully coping with and managing life's obstacles. 

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